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Ronchi di Manzano

We are located in Friuli, northeastern Italy, where the Colli Orientali hills host small and large wine realities.  The microclimate and soil composition have elected this land to be the cradle of good wine.  Years of maturation and the region’s history have contributed to this.  The terroir speaks to us, and it is only if we keep listening to it are we able to respect it.

Roberta Borghese, the owner of these Ronchi (steep slopes), has understood their true value and is enthralled with the rythm and beauty of nature.  

The Ronchi di Manzano winery was established in 1969, but its vineyards have an ancient tradition of centuries.  Everything started with the Counts of Trento, who had a special predilection for the Ronchi di Manzano, both for its location and for its soil composition.  The vineyards were considered to be some of the best in the area and they were highly sought after by French and Savoy noblemen.

ronchi di manzano family

Our Family

The Borghese family owns the Ronchi di Manzano winery since 1969. Their descendant Roberta, Friulan entrepreneur, continues the family tradition with great passion and with the professional skills that she has acquired all around the world in places such as France, California and Italy. She has travelled and worked a lot to bring innovation to the winery, something she believes is fundamental for the company’s success. She directs the whole process of wine growing as well as the promotion of the wines she produces. It is a few years that her two daughters, Lisa and Nicole have entered into the winery’s business and by following their mother footsteps, they are continuing the family tradition.

vineyards in manzano italy

The Vineyards in Manzano

The Ronchi di Manzano winery stands in the municipality of Manzano and covers 60 hectares of hill, 40 of which surround the cellar. Inhabitants of this region refer to the chalky soil that characterize these terroirs as Ponca, very rich in micro elements and mineral salts, this instils an incomparable character to the wines, it gives them distinctiveness.

Since the very beginning, as soon as Roberta has entered into the winery’s business, she has decided to replant all the oldest vineyards in order to increase their density per hectare. She has also decided to apply short pruning methods, as she believes that a high-quality wine can be only be obtained having high quality grapes. It is for this reason, that in the countryside, the vineyards are treated with less chemical products as possible and only strict hand picking is used for the harvest, this in order not to damage her precious grapes.

vineyards of rosazzo italy

The Vineyards in Rosazzo

Ronc di Rosazzo, is made up of 20 hectares of vineyards that are located on the highest hill of Rosazzo, one of the most suited areas for wine production of the Friuli Colli Orientali. This terroir is the true spirit of nature. When arriving in Rosazzo, one of the most enchanting and impressive landscapes of vineyards can be admired. The marly soil, referred to as Ponca, keeps constant the level of humidity preventing dryness damages. The presence of mineral salts and trace elements, the gentle terroir morphology, transmit to the bunches unique accents and shades.

Elegance and quality are the characteristics that distinguish the white wine of this particular wine production area; almost feminine, they play with delicate shades, never excessive, always balanced. Well assembled and well-molten aromas, intense, fresh, and slim, they require more time to refine and therefore to express all their charming suavity.


White Wines

ronchi di manzano pinot grigio

Pinot Grigio DOC

ronchi di manzano pinot grigio

Pinot Grigio Ramato DOC

ronchi di manzano sauvignon

Sauvignon DOC


White Wines

Friulano DOC

Ribolla Gialla Di Rosazzo DOC



Sweet Wine

Bright yellow colour with copper shades. Flowery delicate aroma. In the mouth, it is persuasive and long lasting, it is sweet but balanced with its acidity.


Red Wines

Cabernet Franc DOC

refosco dal peduncolo rosso

Refosco Dal Peduncolo Rosso DOC


Red Wines

Ronc Di Subule Merlot DOC

Pignolo Di Rosazzo DOC

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