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Borga | Italy

Meet the new guys.
We are Borga

We are four cousins with four generations of experience that has allowed us to develop our methodology and approach as a young, dynamic Italian wine family. Today Borga is a way of intuition, listening to nature through touch, speaking without words, and transmitting this abundant energy through the power of wine. This year we understood it was the right time to change how we deliver our brand to the market and consumers and emphasize our identity in a more consistent and original way.

Get ready to experience and embrace this new powerful look&feel!


Young, fresh, and free-spirited, respectful of our broad family trees. Intuition, listening, observing, we put into practice what we’ve learnt. A pioneer in the new age of Veneto’s wines



What we’re all about

● Experience meets exploration
● The new generation of Borga since 1940 with a challenge for the future
● Embrace change, turn up the volume
● We believe in our vines – autochthonous cult grapes and international favourites in a new context
● Determination, exploration, collaboration – this is where we belong
● We promote international recognition for the new age of Veneto’s winemaking

Meet our new look

This year, Borga has revamped, revitalised and rebranded!
Throughout 2019, we have worked to enhance the way we deliver our brand to the market and consumers and emphasize our identity in a more consistent and original way. We are proud to introduce our new labels and style that reveal Veneto’s enchanting wild side!

Our labels

Our new look labels are inspired by the juxtaposition of two concepts – our family’s four generations of experienced viticulture in Veneto, with our fearless enthusiasm to take Borga to the forefront of contemporary winemaking.
The eye-catching graphic labels combine old family photographs of scenes and objects with bright splashes of colour. Black and white is enhanced by colour, old meets new, and our treasured family memories are brought to life to share with the world!
Like the wines, each labels has its own distinct personality – are you ready to discover your new favourite bottle?


Pinot Grigio

The proud Venetian.
Crisp, fruity and uninhibited.
A fierce and tenacious partner who
sets the world to rights.


The young & carefree.
Bright, playful and lively.
Run with the wind and get
grass-stains on your knees.


The go-getter.
Conscientious, expressive, and
radiant. Get hands-on with nature
and discover your authentic self.

Manzoni Bianco

The Trevisano, born and raised.
Floral, aromatic, and full.
For the friends for life, to get
together and stay up all night.



The good time guy.
Smooth, juicy, and a little spicy.
Put the pedal to the metal and go
for a spin.


The ray-of-sunshine
Rich, feisty, and delicate.
A warmhearted friend with a taste
for adventure.

Cabernet Franc

The roadtripper.
Warm, fresh, and a little herbal.
Grab the bottles from the trunk
and get the good times rolling.


The indigenous one.
Structured, velvety and opulent.
Invite the family over for a long night
of rumination and stories.



Prosecco frizzante

The keen globetrotter.
Blossoming, zippy, and adventurous.
Close your eyes, pick a spot, and hit
the road.

Raboso Frizzante

The avid forager.
Abundant, fleshy, and moreish.
Wander through the fields with your
basket full.

Verduzzo Dorato

The local storyteller.
Expressive, tropical and a little sweet.
The cultured companion whose tales
transport you.



Prosecco extra dry

The timeless classic.
Zesty, perfumed and evocative.
Seize the moment as time runs
away with you.

Rosé brut

The wheel in motion.
Succulent, floral and energetic.
Let your heart beat fast on the path
less travelled.

Pinot grigio brut millesimato

The keeper of keys.
Elegant, crisp and beguiling.
Prise open the lock and share the
hidden gems.


DOC Treviso Spumante Brut


A projection to the future.


The Leading Light.


Vino Spumante Dolce


The rose tinted rebel.


Perfumed & Bold.


I Love Wine

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